Be a little softer.

I’m watching a Netflix show, Atypical, about a family with a son on the Autism spectrum, and I was inspired to write this down.

The compassion and kindness and softness of children who have siblings with disabilities is a beautiful thing. To be sure, I am rather ignorant on this topic. I imagine it’s really freaking hard, and it probably isn’t beautiful to those involved. But those kids, the ones who take care of their sibling with a disability, those kids are beautiful.

I didn’t grow up close to anyone with a disability, so I have absolutely no idea what it’s like, but I have been able to work closely with kids with disabilities and kids who have siblings with a disabilities, and I am just astounded by what growing up in their family must be like. Q and J are the ones in my mind.

I hope I’m not being insensitive. I’m definitely not trying to romanticize the every day lives of these families. I am just truly touched by the kids I’ve worked with.

I’m sorry. I don’t know shit about this, but the thought of those siblings makes a lump form in my throat, and I feel like crying out of gratitude and deep respect for people who take care of other people.

I hope we all, and myself in particular, can be more compassionate, more kind, and more soft, and take better care of each other.

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