Happy Thanksgiving Week

Listen to them. Love them. Even if you don’t or can’t.

Some random thoughts from today.

I want to get better at differentiating. I have some meager ideas, but it’s a start.

Let them pick which homework problems to do. Assign some level 1, level 2, and level 3 problems, and they pick x of them to do. Any x that they want.

And be really frank about the levels and what they can expect from working at that level. Be direct about everything.

I need more challenges for the upper end. The kids who are bored.

Tell them the minimum requirements and what grade they can expect by doing that.

Get them hyped about level 2, level 3, and beyond. They want to be challenged.

Constantly remind them of positive behaviors. If you want to be an A student, do this. Or just tell them to pretend to be an A student even if they’re not.

I want to get better at soliciting responses. I want to get better at letting them do the talking.

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